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The #1 Most Effective
Security Solution

For Linux Web Hosting

Monarx’s revolutionary technology is consistently proven to detect & prevent more malicious activity than other tools – proactively, automatically and safely.

Hosting providers around the world save more time & money with Monarx and drive extra revenue by reselling active protection to their customers.

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Drive Meaningful Savings, Extra Revenue, or Both!

Malware wastes valuable engineering time and generates support costs from customers whose sites have been compromised or blacklisted. Monarx provides the best protection, automatically – resulting in more cost savings.

Run Detect Only mode to generate leads for upselling your customers to Protect mode. Monarx’s superior technology transforms malicious activity into a stream of high-quality, targeted, timely leads that convert at high rates.

Monarx gives you multiple options for driving real, measurable value to your hosting business.

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case study
See how Monarx helped InMotion Hosting reduce security-related support cases by 40%
Reduced Cases
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case study
The Monarx software found malware on our servers that other solutions missed, then automatically cleaned it all up for us. Their team's customer service has been very helpful anytime we need them, and they always respond quickly to any request we have.

Consistently Proven
To Be More Effective

Monarx is continually put to the test by hosting providers, and is consistently proven to be superior. Over and over Monarx detects and blocks malicious activity that other tools miss – generally 20-50% more!

Our proprietary technology also makes false positives exceedingly rare – a tiny fraction of the competition’s. This means you can get automatic, real-time protection without having to worry about broken websites and unhappy customers.

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Uses Far Less of
Your Servers’ Resources

Legacy security tools can cost hosting providers more in wasted server resources than they’re spending on the tools themselves! Most products do their work all on your servers, comparing each file against as many as tens of thousands of signatures, consuming lots of your CPU, disk, & memory.

Instead, Monarx does all the heavy lifting in our own cloud, using far less of your servers’ resources. As a result, hosting providers can benefit from Monarx’s continuous malware protection without sacrificing performance, rather than settling for only occasional scheduled scans.

Keep your servers focused on hosting websites, not classifying malware.

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Founder & CEO
Monarx's effectiveness of finding malware is better than anything we've seen. Their resource utilization on our servers is so small we can run the software all the time. This has not been the case with other products we have tried.
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United States
National Security Agency
Web shell malware is a long-standing, pervasive threat that continues to evade many security tools ... Signature-based detection is unreliable because web shells may be obfuscated and are easy to modify ... [and] communications are frequently obfuscated or encrypted.

Superior Technology,
Comprehensive Security

Traditional WAFs & legacy malware scanners use outdated technology – signatures – which can only catch the simple, static, common threats that have already been caught before. Even with these tools in place, websites continue to get exploited!

Monarx doesn’t rely on signatures. Our revolutionary technology identifies malware based on what it does, not what it looks like. Monarx sees through the modern obfuscation techniques that confuse signature-based tools, and easily handles new & unusual variants that they’re blind to. The result is more effective prevention, with extremely few false positives.

With Monarx you get:

Malware Scanner & Antivirus

Malware Scanner & Antivirus

Signature-less, automatic, real-time protection that’s far lighter on your servers
Protext RASP

Protext RASP

Integrated directly into the PHP engine for context-aware “smart” prevention, unlike traditional “dumb” WAFs
Global Honeypot

Global Honeypot

Unparalleled threat intelligence powered by Monarx-enabled servers everywhere
Monarx Cloud

Monarx Cloud

Does the heavy lifting so your servers don’t have to, and provides powerful visibility via enterprise web app and APIs
Customer UIs

Customer UIs

For everyone from basic users to server fleet administrators, with plugins for cPanel & Plesk, or launched directly from your own site
"Smart" WAF

"Smart" WAF

Leverages the power of our Global Honeypot & context-aware Protect RASP, but specially optimized for a WAF

The Monarx Agent runs on your servers, integrated directly into the PHP engine itself. As a result, it has a complete and real-time view of web application activity. It knows precisely what is being executed, from where, and by whom.

Every Monarx-enabled server participates in this unique Global Honeypot, powering an unprecedented early-warning system for new, unusual, or advanced malware that signature-based tools can’t catch.

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Systems Operations Manager
Monarx has helped InMotion Hosting by providing a comprehensive scanning, quarantine, and active blocking platform that allows us to handle malware more effectively, reduce customer support tickets, and save sysadmin time.
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Business Operations Manager
Monarx is a critical part of our shared hosting infrastructure. It helps us eliminate malware on our servers so that we can focus on providing a fast and secure environment for our customers.

Built for Hosting Providers

Monarx is enterprise-grade software designed from the ground up specifically for hosting providers, not just a pretty wrapper on legacy open-source tools. It just works – like good software should – and our expert team is always available to provide the support you expect for any questions you may have.

Easy one-line RPM or Debian installation, CMS- and control panel-agnostic, and compatible with all types of PHP application environments.

The Monarx web app provides unparalleled visibility across your enterprise, and our simple yet robust APIs make any integration a snap.

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The Most Effective Security Solution For Linux Web Hosting

More Business Value

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Slash support costs and increase customer satisfaction by removing a large driver of complaints
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Free up valuable engineering time with automatic infrastructure protection
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Increase revenue by selling premium packages including Comprehensive Protection
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Use powerful targeted leads to upsell existing customers with malware infections and vulnerabilities
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Differentiate from the competition with effortless enhanced security
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Reinforce the value delivered to customers with our simple control panel plugin UI

Maximum Protection

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Consistently proven to detect & prevent more malicious activity than other tools
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Revolutionary signature-less technology that understands what a file actually does, versus just what it looks like
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Seamlessly and safely remove malware injected into customer files
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Neutralize payloads from 0-day exploits
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Protect RASP provides context-aware “smart” prevention, unlike traditional “dumb” WAFs
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Global Honeypot for unparalleled threat intelligence powered by Monarx-enabled servers everywhere

Minimal Performance Impact

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All heavy lifting done in the Monarx Cloud, minimizing the load on your servers
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Custom on-server Agent optimized for CPU, memory, I/O, and latency
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Continuous real-time protection with no noticeable impact to website performance

Quick and Easy Deployment

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One-line RPM or Debian installation, easily managed with existing orchestration tools
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Support for a wide range of hosting environments
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Run in Comprehensive Protection or Detect Only mode, configured per server or per user
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All web app functionality available via simple, documented APIs for easy & seamless integration

Security & Privacy

Monarx takes the security of our product and the privacy of our customers’ data extremely seriously. We are security professionals who have built our solution with modern technologies and adhere to best practices in access control, encryption, and operational procedures.Monarx is compliant with international security and privacy regulations such as GDPR. For more information see the Trust Center in our Support portal.

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