Protect Web Environments Against Successful Attacks

Cloud-Delivered Backdoor/Web Shell Prevention for Open-Source CMS (Content Management Systems)


Monarx Prevents...

Getting Blacklisted

Stolen Data, Credit Cards & Credentials

Resource Theft-Bandwidth, Sending Attacks & Crypto Mining

Website Defacement

Unauthorized Remote Administration & Persistence

Becoming part of a Botnet - DDos, Click Fraud & SPAM

Distributing Malware to Visitors

SEO Ranking Drop

 Once the hackers found the vulnerabiltiy Zheng reported, they installed a simple backdoor known as a web shell. It didn't matter if Equifax fixed the vulnerability after that. 

The Monarx Approach

Detect & Block Web Shells

Monarx monitors and blocks, in real-time, the uploading and execution of backdoors (web shells) without relying on signatures. It provides visibility into where web shells came from and how they got in.

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Protect your operating system, application and database from hackers with our visibility into configuration flaws, exposed services, outdated/vulnerable software and themes and plugins.

Are You Compromised?

Monarx hunts for and analyzes backdoors (web shells), known and unknown, using a combination of sophisticated rules, signatures, analytics, and dynamic analysis.

Sign Up & Deploy in Minutes

No Onsite Equipment or Professional Service Required

Cloud-delivered SaaS

Linux Web Server Protection


What Our Customers are Saying

We won't deploy any production environment in our data center without the Monarx Security suite of services. Their hardening and auditing tools provide protection and insight that no other software provides. 
Scott Swanson, Chief Technology Officer, Inetz

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