Total Protection against all web shell based compromises

Real-time PHP web shell detection and prevention

Stop trying to find malware on compromised sites. Keep it from happening in the 1st place with Monarx’s entirely new approach to application security.

(includes compromise assessment and active protection)


The Problem

WAFs, Patching and Malware Scanning security solutions can’t solve the primary threat to your customer's sites. Despite your best efforts your sites continue to get exploited!

Protecting your client's sites should be easy

With Monarx you can watch web shells get deposited and block them from doing any damage, all without any complex configuration, upfront work or cleanup.

Benefits of Using Monarx

Reduce Support costs and customer churn

No more cleaning up compromised sites

Visibility into how the attack happened without manual investigation

Clients are not calling support due to getting blacklisted or compromised

Enhanced Protection

Worry less about the types of plugins and themes clients use

Create a buffer between when a vulnerability is discovered, and a patch is available

Stop wasting valuable server resources to web shells

Increase Revenue

Drive incremental revenue by offering Monarx to mitigate a range of security issues

Resell something that is differentiated, effective and new

Identify compromised sites for upsell that need additional protection

Ensure your clients are protected against having their sites compromised with these key features

Full Protection

Prevent execution of all web shell payloads without using signatures

Attack insight (how they got in and from where)

Low Overhead

Does not require continual signatures updates and frequent scans

Uses very low hardware resources (less than 5% impact to PHP)

Quick and easy deployment

Deployment is simple and automatically protects all sites (no plugin required)

Minimal configuration or workflow changes required

Business Opportunity

Detailed reporting to show clients ongoing value

Watch sites get compromised in real-time so you can effectively target customers for resale

Free malware scanner/ compromise assessment that identifies standalone web shells and compromised source files

The Facts

How are sites compromised?

71% of all compromises had a PHP-based backdoor hidden within the site

Existing solutions are not keeping you safe

Sites using leading WAF’s, Malware Scanning & patching solutions still get compromised by web shells

How is this happening?

The leading cause of infections stemmed from vulnerabilities found in extensible components (plugins, themes, extensions)

Who owns the problem

Research found that over 40% of website owners think their hosting provider is responsible for website security

Typical impact on a compromised site

Each website breach typically has 168 files that need to be remediated


Monarx has built a solution that detects and prevents the execution of web shells that are injected into vulnerable sites. It is purpose-built for Hosting providers running Open source CMS. The threats facing hosting providers are unique given the unwieldy attack surface that comes with such a large ecosystem of plugins/themes/extensions. Monarx proactively prevents all web shell-based payloads. It does this without relying on signatures, allowing us to prevent the primary attack vector used to compromise websites.

What Our Customers are Saying

We won't deploy any production environment in our data center without the Monarx Security suite of services. Their hardening and auditing tools provide protection and insight that no other software provides. 
Scott Swanson, Chief Technology Officer, Inetz