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our mission

Through superior technology born out of a passion for solving hard problems, we’re turning the tide in the never-ending battle to protect the world’s websites from cyberattack.


Jeremy Warren

Repeat technology executive & entrepreneur. Recovering govie. Skiier, diver, and fledgling surfer. Still writes a script or two occasionally.
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Rob Seger

Ex-NSA spy turned cyber security CTO. Loves exaggerative humor. Truly gifted autobiographical writer.
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Patrick Duke-Rosati

Been on the Monarx journey since the very beginning. Large dedication to our customers, prospects and the CSP space in general. Big fan of just about everything to do outside.
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Dan Roby

VP of CX
10+ years in Customer Experience. Wildly passionate about helping our clients with their strategy, goals, and overall success. Is also a great baker.
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Aaron Phillips

20+ years of hosting, startup & go to market experience from almost every angle. Avid poker player, brainstormer, and enjoys coffee more than most.
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Mario Rodriguez

Director of Business Development.
22+ years of extensive experience helping hosting providers solve problems, launch strategies, and fuel growth.
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Soeren von Varchmin

Chairman of the Supervisory Board at CloudFest and NamesCon
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Dre Armeda

Head of Global Security Products at GoDaddy, and Co-Founder of Sucuri
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Matt Russell

Private Investor and Co-Founder of Hosting at Namecheap
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